Getting Started

Do you think you want to start a private practice but feel overwhelmed?

  • Is it hard to focus when there seems to be so much to do?
  • Need help setting short and long term goals?
  • Confused about how to help your ideal clients find you?
  • Need ideas about how to set yourself apart from others in the field?

Are you a seasoned professional noticing a decrease in your business?

  • Have the referrals from managed care companies slowed down? Would you like to be paid what you are worth, spend your time doing what you love, and end your dependence on managed care companies?
  • Are you marketing your practice effectively?
    • Do you find that the “new therapists” seem to be getting more clients through the use of the internet and online sources?
Connie Studer

Connie Studer, M.A., LMFT can help you to identify your goals and to create a plan to make your dreams a reality:
When you hire Connie as your business coach you get over 25 years experience in helping businesses grow and be profitable.

  • Connie is also a psychotherapist, who started a private practice (Heteroflexible Therapy, Ltd.)  less than 5 years ago and has built it into a profitable business.
  • She understands the unique business and the ethical guidelines you need to consider when marketing your practice.
  • She understands that most therapists do not have her extensive background in  marketing and communications but is willing to share her skills with you.
  • She will help you write a business and marketing plan that is personalized with your unique goals in mind.

There is no one way to be successful:
Connie will help you to define what success means to you. 

  • What gets you excited and motivated each day?
  • How can you do what you love and make money at the same time?
  • How can you structure your practice to make time for those things that are important to your health and wellness?